Reflections – My Semester in BIOL 140

When I started this course I was really unsure of how I would connect with it; however, I now know my previous prediction was completely wrong! 

I may not fully understand every detail of every system we learned, but I definitely know more than I knew before. I really enjoyed my professor’s teaching tactics and interactive assignments. It’s so refreshing to have a professor who is excited about the course material and proudly executes her love for Biology! Her excitement and willingness to break the material down in ways that was understandable really helped me to grasp an understanding of most of the terms. 

I enjoyed working on the public service announcement activity and surprisingly the research paper as well! It caused me to look up information that I never would have known. The quizzes also helped me to review the information over and over so that it would have a lasting impact! 

It excites me to have the opportunity to say “Hey! I know about that” I can recall instances in which my roommate (a Biology major) and mutual friend (a Nursing major) would have conversations in our dorm room about functions of the body, trying to settle on various solutions or understanding functions and I would say “Dr. V mentioned that in class today!” 

I never thought I would gain an interest in biology, but I am glad that I do. 

Thank you Dr. V for this great opportunity and broadening my knowledge about the human body and its many, many important functions. I hope to continue to share the information I’ve learned and tell everyone to take this class! 🙂 


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