Reflections After Mid-Term

Things have definitely improved since I’ve last reflected on my progress in this course. As I previously mentioned, I’ve never been quite keen to biology, or any “hard science” for that matter. However, I have realized that I am finding the course material much more interesting than I was before. 

I am enjoying the visual and hands-on approach that we have been implementing. It is definitely helping me to remember the sequence of processes. Although it seemed as if we did not initially replicate the process of muscle contraction and blood flow in the heart correctly, the mistakes that we made helped me to learn and gain a better understanding. I also enjoyed the labeling of the skeletons; beyond the act of labeling, the interactions with my classmates help me to better recall information as well. 

I have also found the use of youtube videos while studying helps to break things down step by step for me, and I like the option of replaying the scene until I fully understand it. 

In addition to these new ways of studying, I have realized that applying the course terms to real life situations through blogs and various assignments have led to my increase in enjoying the course! I’m excited about this improvement and to continue learning new things! 


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