Dictionary – Ch.4-6




Exocrine glands – This is a type of gland that releases substances through ducts or tubes. Substances may include mucus, saliva, oil, earwax. milk, and digestive enzymes.

Endocrine glands – This type of gland makes hormones that are released directly into the fluid outside the glands.






Synovial membrane – This is a connective tissue membrane that lines joint cavities. It secretes fluid that lubricates the ends of moving bones.


osteoblast       osteocyte

Osteoblasts – These are the types of bone cells that form the matrix of bone tissue, which eventually becomes mineralized (due to calcium).

Osteoclasts – These are the types of bone cells that break down the matrix of bone tissue.

Osteocyte – This is the name of he bone-forming cell after the matrix has become mineralized and the cells stops forming bone matrix.



Myofibrils – These are threadlike structures in a muscle fiber that contain the units of muscle contraction.


Rigor mortis – This is the stiffening of muscles after death due to the lack of ATP energy to release muscle contraction.





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