My Encounter With Improving My Health & Wellness

This semester I am fulfilling my PEAC credit at WAU by taking PEAC 160 – Physical Fitness for Life. So far, we have covered various topics including heart rate, healthy eating habits, sleeping habits, ways to reduce stress, and proper exercising techniques. 

This past Monday in class, the professor was talking to us about proper form and exercise for the different parts of our bodies.  We went into the weight room and practiced using machines that specifically focus on abs and obliques, legs, arms, etc. 

I found it interesting because as we were going through the different steps, I was able to make comparisons with the body structure and muscles we have been talking about in BIOL 140. 

Many of the free-hand and cardio exercises we discussed would not be impossible without the synovial joint movements we talked about in BIOL 140: flexion and extension, circumduction and rotation, and abduction and adduction. These movements help us perform exercises like jumping jacks, arm circles, foot flexing, and squats. 

Image Image

While discussing exercises, the professor emphasized exercises that could help students gain or tone muscle. As we discussed in BIOL 140, our muscular system helps us move the body and its parts. It maintains our posture and also creates heat by increasing metabolic activity. All which play an important role when exercising. 

For example, to help tone muscles in our arms, one option is to lift weights. When we perform this type of exercise, we contract our skeletal muscle and practice flexion and extension. 



I was glad to have the opportunity to apply knowledge from one class to another class. It definitely helped me to practice my learning skills so that I may continue to apply it in the future. 


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