Reflections – The First 4 Weeks

This Biology class has been in session for at least four weeks now, but for some reason I feel I am not fully grasping it. I spend ample time reading the material prior to class, (while often asking my roommate, a Biology major, for clarity), I review the powerpoint slides, and I take notes in class. Although I may be able to regurgitate the information I have memorized, I am not certain that I have the ability to explain or describe any processes in detail. 

I know that naturally science has never really been my niche. However, I am making the attempt to apply this course to my future. I am a social work major, so I find the connection by considering how bodily functions may affect individuals that I may encounter during counseling sessions, perhaps. I tell myself that this extra knowledge will help enhance my skills so that I can be of better assistance to others. 

Despite my positivity and determination to get a hold of this information, I’m just not quite sure that it is sticking. With subjects such as this, I find that I learn more from a hands-on approach. It is a challenge for me to simply listen because it is not my language. The best way for me to learn is through application. 

So far, I have learned the difference parts of a cell and its functions; however, I hesitate to say that it is brand new material because this information has been introduced to me before. One thing I can say that I have gained is more information about how atoms work. I can vaguely recall the periodic table and its elements from high school, but I now have a better understanding of how protons, neutrons, and electrons work. While protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom. The electrons surround it; There are three electron shells, and a shell can only have up to eight electrons. Atoms may share, give up, or receive electrons, which all depends on how many electrons the other atom has. 

I am still struggling to understand passive transport, active transport, and facilitated diffusion with their relations to ATP. An interactive visual explanation would help me grasp this a little better. I am also still a little confused about the entire process of metabolism. I really think the main challenge I am having is understanding and being able to apply processes. 

Overall, I enjoy this class and the material that is taught. Perhaps, I need to take a little more time diving into the depths of the information so that I can be able to apply it. 


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