My Encounter with Healthy Eating Habits

Last week, my BIOL 140 Food Diary assignment sparked a conversation between my roommate and me. As I was completing my lab assignment chart and graph in the residence hall, my roommate and I tried to guess how many calories were in my meals before I actually looked them up. Most of our guesses were right; however, there were a few foods that surprised us! It really made us evaluate the types of “fat girl snacks” (as my roommate would say) we put into our bodies. The common “late night munchies” snacks are full of so many carbohydrates and fats; I guess that’s why they taste so great! Despite our late night and weekend eating habits, we try to stay healthy through daily exercise! 

My BIOL 140 class makes the observance of carbohydrates, sugars, and lipids even more interesting because now I know the make up, structures, and functions of these molecules. I never thought about what makes up carbohydrates. Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms? What? Prior to really observing science, I only paid attention to the carbohydrates when I looked at the nutrition facts. It’s just eye-opening to expand my mind and actually learn about the breakdown of all of these elements and molecules that are a part of our daily lives. 


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